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What can the Total Label USA
Customer Service Team do for me?
I have a bottle for my product. Can Total Label USA
help me with label specifications?
Yes, using a sample of your bottle, we can test stock materials and measure for label size. Chances are, we already have a die in house to fit your bottle.
The content on my labels has recently increased,
but I do not have the option to go to a larger label.
What options do I have?
Total Label USA has developed an arsenal of extended tab and
extended text labels that can be tailored to your needs. We can even
format your text and illustrations to fit into an extended label or we
can create a dieline for you.
The Total Label USA Customer Service Team uses industry specific
software to document orders, track job costing, and follow the order
until it arrives at your facility. This software also allows us to send our
customer’s specific package tracking information via e-mail on the day
the product ships from our manufacturing facility.
Our entire Total Label USA Team works under a custom Quality Control
program. Total Label USA follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
and has written SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that ensure
consistency and accuracy on every production run.
Total Label USA is committed to each and
every customer, large or small. Call us and let us
show you the “Total Label Way” at 1-800-709-3807.

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